Our Work

Expanding a Global Business Empire

One of the world’s leading industrialists is interested in both protecting and expanding his global business empire, which extends across Russia, Asia, Africa and North America.  Endeavor was engaged to provide general counsel across a range of strategic, legal, regulatory, philanthropic and communications issues, and to facilitate investments, capital raising and merger & acquisition activities across borders.  Endeavor acts as a core member of its Client’s holding company executive team, and is the sole representative of its Client’s myriad interests before the U.S. government.

Maximizing Private Company Sale Value

The founder, chairman and owner of a privately held, U.S.-based specialty insurance company was interested in maximizing the value of his company through a sale transaction while concurrently navigating family ownership, philanthropic and other personal issues related to the sale.  He asked Endeavor to manage the company sale, and to provide a critical link between multiple sets of legal, tax and financial teams, thereby protecting the owner’s own complex set of interests.  Endeavor served as general counsel to the owner, and ultimately as co-advisor to the Company in its sale to a publicly-traded multi-line insurance provider, at a valuation of nearly three times the initial bid.  Endeavor created and managed an auction process for the Client's company, served as the lead negotiator of the transaction and ensured alignment of all of its Client’s interests across the multiple facets of the transaction.

Fueling Biotechnology Innovation

An individual private equity investor was interested in maximizing the value of his direct investments in a portfolio of biotechnology companies working to develop novel drugs targeting illnesses ranging from cancer to autoimmune disease.  He engaged the Endeavor Group to represent his ownership and governance interests across the companies, and to facilitate his direct involvement in major strategic and operational decision making.  Endeavor provided due diligence, contract negotiation, strategic advice, staff and board member recruitment, and partnership counsel across the companies.  Partially due to Endeavor’s hands on strategic and capacity support at both the board and management level, the companies now have multiple novel products in various stages of human clinical trials, with near-term results expected from several phase II and III trials. Endeavor also conceived and executed a complex joint venture between two of the Client’s portfolio companies.

Investing in Promising Business Enterprises

An individual private investor was interested in supporting promising new entrepreneurial initiatives ranging from software to online-marketplaces to the largest independent brewery in the State of Florida.  The investor engaged the Endeavor Group to represent his legal, financial and strategic interest across all of his private company investments.  During the course of several years, Endeavor has negotiated and structured seed and follow-on investments, provided ongoing legal, regulatory and governance advice to its Client and portfolio company boards and management teams, facilitated strategic partnerships, introduced institutional sources of capital and helped to expand the businesses through mergers and acquisitions and other business development activities, and managed the Client’s exit transactions.  Existing transactions have generated extraordinary returns on investment for Endeavor’s Client.

Expanding Mobile Information Systems to Support Global Health

A global development expert and private investor was interested in supporting a next generation mobile platform that leverages the world's 3.5 billion mobile phones as well as fixed phones, PCs, PDAs, the web and other technologies to  provide a real-time solution that serves even isolated locations with limited technology infrastructure.  The investor engaged the Endeavor Group to facilitate his investment in the development of a phone- and web-based information and communication system that allows health professionals in remote locations to communicate and exchange critical health information with medical experts and regional hospitals and facilitates critical information collection and analysis across patient populations.  Endeavor has negotiated several rounds of investment in the Company, and supports its Client’s active presence on the Company’s Board of Directors.

Protecting Assets Through Structured Derivative Products

The co-founder of a global company had recently liquidated his significant stake in the company, generating substantial personal income along with a complex set of legal, financial, philanthropic and other personal considerations.  Primary among these considerations was the near-term protection of cash.  Endeavor Group was engaged to explore various options for cash protection that would provide downside risk while offering the opportunity for up-side gain.  Endeavor established direct conversations with the derivatives desks of a select group of leading global financial institutions, and generated a host of competitive options for a structured financial instrument that would accomplish its Client’s objective.  The firm negotiated a deal that provided substantial economic upside while protecting the Client’s downside against loss, while minimizing transaction fees.

Developing a New Mid-Priced Electric Car

The founder and controlling shareholder of a diversified global automotive manufacturing company aimed to secure U.S. government capital to provide leverage to the development of its next-generation electric car platform.  The company engaged Endeavor to lead the execution of a significant application to the U.S. Department of Energy’s Advanced Technology Vehicle Manufacturing (ATVM) program. Endeavor developed the company’s overall positioning strategy, leveraging its early insight into the rules and regulations of the ATVM program. The firm represented the company’s related interests before the Department of Energy and other Federal Agencies, as well as to Congressional leaders from relevant U.S. Congressional districts. The company was among the first five organizations selected for the ATVM program and was an early, successful recipient of a substantial grant in the tens of millions of dollars. The grant will help to fund rapid development of the new moderately priced electric vehicle, which the company will manufacture and market in partnership with one of the Big Three U.S. carmakers.

Navigating New Regulation

The chief executive officer and major stakeholder of a significant global commodities trading company sought advice to help navigate emerging international regulations that directly impact the company’s global operations. The firm engaged Endeavor to provide specific legal and regulatory advice in relation to the emerging regulatory regime, and to closely track relevant legislation through the U.S. Congress.  Leveraging multiple channels of high-level communication, Endeavor pro-actively identified likely policy outcomes and analyzed the practical implication of pending regulations through its direct conversations with senior government officials in multiple relevant agencies.  As a result of Endeavor’s counsel, the company has developed a set of business practices that harmonize its operations with the evolving U.S. and regulatory sanctions regimes, and dramatically reduce its regulatory risk.

Representing Haiti's Interest before the U.S. Government

The Government of Haiti aimed to influence U.S. legislation that would support domestic expansion of the Haitian textile manufacturing sector. Endeavor was asked by the President of Haiti to assist his key Ministers in their advocacy for the passage of the Haitian Hemispheric Opportunity through Partnership Encouragement Act (Hope Act), which allows for certain textile products from Haiti to obtain preferential tariff treatment in the United States. The effort involved the development of a multi-pronged legislative strategy, multiple targeted meetings with members of Congress, including the Speaker of the House of Representatives and the Chairman of the Foreign Operations Appropriations Subcommittee, and ongoing communication with other high profile stakeholders working to support the sustainable development of Haiti. The Hope Act was subsequently signed into law, creating opportunity for Haiti to rebuild its economy through creating a sustainable economic engine for growth.  Since the devastating earthquake that struck Haiti in early 2010, Endeavor has facilitated ongoing conversations among core government, business and philanthropic stakeholders in Haiti and the U.S. State Department, members of Congress, and other global stakeholders at the forefront of Haitian redevelopment strategies.

Building Champions for Malaria Eradication among G-8 Governments

A prominent U.S. philanthropist came to Endeavor with a bold request: rid the developing world of malaria. The philanthropist retained Endeavor to assess opportunities for impact, develop appropriate strategies, and assist in the creation of a new, powerful effort programmatic and advocacy effort. Endeavor conducted a comprehensive analysis of the malaria field landscape, including assessment of direct relief and advocacy organizations. Endeavor consequently recommended and executed the launch of a new, highly targeted malaria policy center focused on domestic and international advocacy. Endeavor then created and supported the launch of the effort by recruiting a former U.S. Member of Congress and U.S. Ambassador to serve as managing director, securing substantial co-funding from major foundations, conceiving and assisting in the creation of  international affiliates, and providing ongoing advocacy counsel and support. Today, the advocacy effort represents the leading voice for the malaria issue in the United States and internationally, coordinating disparate initiatives and making a dramatic contribution to the ongoing reduction in global malarial deaths.

A Washington Office for Africa

A long time Endeavor client, in tandem with Bono, Bill Gates and George Soros, agreed in 2001 to create a Washington office to promote a panoply of African development issues, including Debt, AIDS and Trade.  The Endeavor Group was called upon prior to and during DATA's inception and first years of operation to assist its client with multiple facets of the organization's creation and growth, including legal and strategic advice, board recruitment, assessment of creative financing transactions, capital raising and government relations. DATA (now the ONE Campaign) is widely viewed as a paradigm of effective advocacy to global governments and the broad body politic.

Expanding Evidence-Based Early Childhood Education

The founder of a leading, evidence-based early childhood education program was interested in clarifying and refining the organization’s growth strategy to achieve sustainability and drive maximum impact in early childhood education practice locally and nationally.  Endeavor Group was engaged to lead the founder and Board of Directors through a multi-phased business planning process that spanned six months and engaged a broad cross-section local and national early childhood providers, private and public funders and major early childhood education stakeholders.  The planning process assessed strategic opportunities, identified high impact priorities, devised a clear theory of change framework, re-aligned organizational resources, developed a 5-year budget to reach internal sustainability, and created a detailed 12 to 18 month work plan to accomplish nearer-turn objectives.  The organization successfully applied for and received a major grant from the Department of Education’s Investing in Innovation (i3) program, and is rapidly and successfully executing its growth plan, which will create powerful new evidence of what works to close the early childhood achievement gap before children enter Kindergarten.

Creating New Solutions for Refugees and Displaced People

A high-profile family foundation was interested in leveraging its brand, financial resources and global reach to expand international solutions to the challenge of refugees and globally displaced people.  The foundation engaged the Endeavor Group to facilitate and support all aspects of the planning and execution of its global work. Endeavor reviewed the history of its Clients’ past philanthropic and advocacy work, and assessed opportunities for impact and increased leverage in Asia, the Middle East, Africa, and Latin America and the Caribbean.  The firm then devised a multi-pronged strategy that includes: strategic partnerships with leading foundations in focus areas to bolster and raise awareness of model programs; discrete efforts to build the legal and judicial capacity of fragile governments to protect children; and a targeted advocacy campaign that highlights priority issues and potential solutions. In its initial phases, Endeavor has facilitated and negotiated a working partnership between the Client and one of the largest foundations in the Middle East focused on the education of children in conflict.  A robust government fellows program for Haitian reconstruction is under development in coordination with the U.S. State Department, and a targeted global advocacy campaign will be unveiled in the coming months.

Building Support in Washington for the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, TB and Malaria

An influential philanthropist was interested in supporting the critical work of the Global Fund to Fight Aids, TB and Malaria in eradicating disease and supporting long-term sustainable development efforts in poor countries.  He engaged the Endeavor Group to assist him in planning, launching and expanding a new Washington based advocacy effort to build a sustained commitment from U.S. policymakers to supporting the Global Fund’s work.  The Endeavor Group provided strategic and legal support for the start-up of Friends of the Global Fight including establishment of governance and operational frameworks, served as the organization’s initial Executive Director, recruited the legendary Jack Valenti as the organization’s first President, recruited all members of the Friend’s founding board, and over time has provided strategic, policy, communications and operations advice to the organization.  Friends is broadly recognized as one of the most effective global health advocacy organizations in the world.  In 2010, US Global AIDS Coordinator Eric Goosby announced a three-year, $4 billion pledge from the Obama Administration to the Global Fund, marking the first time the U.S. has made a long-term commitment to the Fund’s high-impact work.

Generating New Research to support Global Development Solutions

A prominent technology industry veteran perceived a growing need in Washington for practical, creative solutions to the challenges that global interdependence poses to developing countries. The individual retained the Endeavor Group to facilitate and support the launch of a new global development think tank to provide a central source for cutting edge, independent economic and policy analysis aimed at reducing global poverty and inequality and making globalization work for the poor.  Endeavor’s support services ranged from visioning and strategic planning to legal and financial services, to board development and facilitation of major strategic partnerships.  Today, the Center is ranked among the world’s top think thanks, and has established a global reputation as a uniquely pro-active organization that regularly channels independent research into practical policy proposals that shape decisions in Washington and beyond.

Expanding Access to Quality Education in Asia and the Middle East

One of the largest Private Foundations in the Middle East aims to develop innovative education strategies, programs, and partnerships for children of conflict throughout Asia and the Middle East.  The Foundation engaged the Endeavor Group to provide strategic and legal supports across its portfolio of programs, and to facilitate its priority global partnerships.  Programs exist in the world's poorest and often most conflict-ravaged countries, including Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Indonesia, Lebanon, Nepal, and Pakistan. In each country, the organization works in close partnership with local communities to ensure long-term program support and sustainability. As one of the most potent development forces in the Middle East, and globally, the organization has demonstrated the increased effectiveness of organizations that understand local, cultural and religious traditions.  Endeavor is actively facilitating partnerships between its Client and a select number of major global foundations with symbiotic interests in similar programmatic and geographic areas.

Creating a New Model for Education and Community Development in Kenya

A high profile entertainer and philanthropist was interested in developing and supporting a model center for education and community development in Africa.  The Endeavor Group was engaged to support all facets of the client’s work related thereto, including strategic and business planning, project management, local program oversight, facility construction, and implementation of expanded health and community wellness initiatives.  The school, located in the southern province of Kenya, provides a community-based organization model for free education, health care, nutritional support and psycho-social development to children in Ukunda and their caregivers who otherwise would not have access to these services.  After three years of intensive supports and dramatic improvement in childhood and community outcomes, the organization is positioned to become a core model of sustainable development that can be replicable across the African continent.

Building a Networked Approach to Social Change

The co-founders and executives of a leading venture philanthropy fund were interested in building a networked approach to social change that would garner new support from private and federal funders. The fund retained Endeavor to assist it in defining its strategy, creating its networked, evidence-based approach to social change, clarifying grant-making tactics, and developing an application to the Obama Administration’s Social Innovation Fund (SIF). Endeavor developed an aggressive three-month plan that coordinated the efforts of multiple board members, funders, staff, grantees, and community stakeholders in support of the fund’s effort. The firm then designed a written blueprint for the strategic plan and application; created branding, positioning, and communications efforts; and facilitated completion of a comprehensive written application to the SIF. The fund was one of only 11 grantees out of more than 200 applications in the first round of SIF funding, and is poised to unveil a national model for social change that coordinates the overlapping agendas of organizations serving disadvantaged youth and leverages multiple spheres of private, public, and social influence.