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Expanding a Global Business Empire

Endeavor provides general counsel to its Client across a range of strategic, legal, regulatory, philanthropic and communications issues. View All Case Studies

Maximizing Private Company Sale Value

Endeavor helped to maximize value in the sale of its Client’s privately held business. View All Case Studies

Fueling Biotechnology Innovation

Endeavor structures and manages its Client’s early-stage investments in the biotech sector. View All Case Studies

Investing in Promising Business Enterprises

Endeavor helps its Client to invest in and manage a portfolio of private equity interests. View All Case Studies

Expanding Mobile Information Systems to Support Global Health

Endeavor navigated its Client’s investment in an innovative interactive mobile health information services company. View All Case Studies

Protecting Assets Through Structured Derivative Products

Endeavor facilitated the creation of a structured derivative product to minimize its Client’s risk. View All Case Studies